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Articles and Interviews by John Welwood
Growing Up Versus Waking Up
An interview by Buddhist Geeks
Healing the Core Wound of the Heart
An interview by Tami Simon, founder of Sounds True
The Subtle Body New!
Relationship as a Spiritual Crucible
Double Vision
Duality and Nonduality in Human Experience

Embodying Your Realization
Psychological Work in the Service of Spiritual Development
Intimate Relationship as a Transformative Path
Absolute and Relative Love
Growing Up and Waking Up New!
A revised and edited version of the text of the podcast interview with Buddhist Geeks
Human Nature, Buddha Nature
Spiritual Bypassing, Relationship, and the Dharma

The uncut version of an interview by Tina Fossella, which appeared in
the Spring 2011 issue of Tricycle Magazine.
Waking up in Relationship
by Pam Burton of KPFK
Is Love Enough?
by Keith Thompson for the Pacific Sun
The Path of Personal and Spiritual Transformation
by Richard Young for Pathways