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Awakening the Heart
East/West Approaches to Psychotherapy and the Healing Relationship

Can a meditative practice assist and promote the healing relationship between psychotherapist and client? The notable contributors to this practical book draw on a wide range of Eastern and Western disciplines-psychoanalysis, Gestalt, Aikido, and various Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist contemplative traditions- to show that it can. What they propose is a meeting between the Western psychotherapeutic approach- grounded in working with personal problems and the need to become an authentic person- and Eastern tradition, which emphasizes a larger transpersonal awareness and equanimity. They show that joining psychotherapy with meditation can mutually awaken the hearts of both therapist and client, sparking them both to open more fully.

Jacob Needleman, Erich Fromm, Robin Skynner, Ram Dass, Roger Walsh, Chogym Trungpa, Thomas Hora, and John Welwood are among the contributors. In the first section of the book, they address the question, How far can psychotherapy go in awakening the heart and liberating oneself from the distortions of the confused mind? In the next section, they explore working with oneself s the ground for working with others. The third section of the book discusses how the openness of heart that arises out of meditation practice can influence working with others.