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Challenge of the Heart
Love, Sex, and Intimacy in Changing Times

This powerful collection of essays by such notables as D.H. Lawrence, Robert Bly, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, and Rainer Maria Rilke addresses the questions and difficulties people face in relationships in these challenging times. Anyone who is, has been, or hopes to be in an intimate relationship will find this book "must" reading.

The first section of the book discusses the contradictions and possibilities inherent in erotic love, leading to the question addressed in the next section: What do men and women really want? The third section explores marriage as a path of transformation, while the fourth section focuses on sexuality as a vibrant meeting and interchange between two different worlds. The final section of the book considers how relationship can be a vehicle for wisdom, sacredness, and greater truth.

Carefully selected, threaded together by Welwood's insightful commentary, the essays presented here regard intimacy as a challenge that requires bravery and gentleness, inspiring the reader toward becoming a "warrior of the heart."