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Integrating Spiritual, Psychological, and Embodiment Work
A Meditative Retreat

Unconditional presence is the capacity to fully meet, allow, and open to whatever we are experiencing, no matter how challenging it may be. This is what allows our experience to unfold in the direction of greater freedom, truth, and wisdom.

In this week-long retreat we explore an integrative approach to personal and spiritual development through cultivating unconditional presence with three kinds of practice: meditation rooted in mindfulness and awareness, psycho-spiritual inquiry, and embodiment work. These three practices together create a powerful synergy that helps us settle into our deeper nature, inhabit our body, flow with our felt experience, and become more attuned and present with ourselves and others.

The first two days of this program are largely devoted to meditation, which cultivates a deeper sense of grounding, openness, and presence that will inform all the other work during the week. Previous meditation experience is not necessary—just a willingness to engage fully in this practice.

For 30 years, John Welwood has offered this ongoing program, which evolves in new and unforeseen directions each year, based on his current work and developing interests.

This retreat provides an opportunity to slow down, go beyond conceptual mind, meet your experience freshly, and inhabit yourself in surprising new ways. It is appropriate for those in the helping professions as well as for everyone interested in cultivating embodied presence.