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The Power of Embodied Presence
Inhabiting Yourself, Your Subtle Body, and Your Life

The great challenge in our busy world is to stay connected with oneself with our bodily felt experience, our living wisdom, our sensitivity and our depth. This intensive retreat addresses this challenge through helping you to develop greater presence in body, speech, and mind and to connect with yourself, your awareness, and your felt experience in a fully embodied way.

Grounding in the heart and belly, we will practice consciously inhabiting the subtle body our innate capacity to feel and know ourselves from within. We will work with tracking the ongoing flow of present experiencing, allowing it to open up and reveal its own life-positive directions. And we will unpack mental and emotional patterns that normally act as logjams blocking this presence and flow.

This retreat is largely experiential, drawing on embodiment exercises, psycho-spiritual inquiry, embodied speaking and listening, periods of silent practice, and guided meditations to cultivate embodied presence and awareness. There will also be short talks and discussion.