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Journey of the Heart
The Path of Conscious Love
As men and women find that they can no longer rely on old roles and formulas to get along, intimate relationship calls for a new kind of honesty and awareness, a willingness to go beyond old patterns and cultivate new powers and sensitivities. Journey of the Heart shows how we can meet this challenge by learning to use whatever difficulties we are facing in relationships as opportunities to expand our sense of who we are and the ways we connect with others. When we appreciate relationships in this way- as teachers- they become a path of personal unfolding and spiritual deepening that allows us to tap into life's great mystery and power.

Journey of the Heart
takes a sweeping and penetrating look at the most challenging areas of relationships- passion, vulnerability, need, commitment, disillusion and heartbreak, separateness and connectedness, conflict and communication, male/female energies, sexuality, and marriage-to show how the greatest difficulties also provide the greatest opportunities for growth, new awareness, and a deeper connection with ourselves, with others, and with life itself.