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Reviews of Ordinary Magic
Everyday Life as Spiritual Path

Ordinary Magic is a marvelous collection of essays on everyday spirituality by some of the world's most enlightened teachers, therapists, and creative artists. This masterfully edited book helps to heal the false dichotomy between "secular" and "sacred" activities. It reveals how the simple practice of mindfulness in each moment can transform even the most mundane task into a sacred path. The essays are often moving and always informative and inspiring. Highly recommended.



The enrichment that meditative practice can bring to daily life is very tangible in this collection of essays. Welwood fulfills his intention to create a refreshing book of reminders that will help us view our lives in a larger and more compassionate context.

Common Boundary


Good books are like good friends; you enjoy being in their company and their presence brings good things into your life. Such a book is Ordinary Magic. John Welwood has put together a wonderfully tasty stew filled with solid chewy morsels, pungent spices, and a nourishing broth. What is so refreshing about this book is that all its contributors see life as whole, and discover that the spiritual is in fact found in the midst of the ordinary and mundane. A surprising number of the selections in this book are wells that quench one's thirst with clear life-giving water.



John Welwood has assembled a selection of writings illustrating the theme of the ordinary magic to be found in everyday life. This is a collection to keep beside one, savoring individual essays, rather than reading through in one sitting, for the overall tone and pace is, as suited to its subject, meditative and measured. It is a handbook of much wisdom, but above all a call to life.


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